Exciting News!

Alright everyone, so I have some exciting news to share! In these last few weeks, I've had a lot of time to think about how I'd like to move forward in 2018. As long as I've been in business, I've only serviced Northern Virginia, Washington DC and occasionally Maryland. I would love to do some traveling this year, so I'm officially offering services in other cities, starting off with Richmond and NYC! Richmond holds a special place in my heart so I'd love to be able to get a client base down there. And New York City...I mean, who doesn't love New York City? I literally day dream about taking portraits or doing an engagement session up there, so I'm on a mission to make it happen. And while those 2 particular cities are where I'm starting to advertise, I'm definitely open to traveling to other locations - there are no limits! You name it and I'll go - Cali, Vegas, Puerto Rico, the list goes on...

Friends, please share this video and spread the word! I honestly can't wait to photograph new faces in new places 🖤https://www.facebook.com/boschstudios/videos/2264989226860253/

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