Pet Mini Sessions with an impactful purpose!

Alright guys, here's the deal I'm SUPER excited to share with you all!

As I'm sure you all know, I'm a huge animal lover. Totally not obvious, right? ;) As a small child, I always remember being drawn to dogs. When I was 18, I landed my first job at an animal hospital and worked on and off as a vet assistant for 11 years. When I started photography school in 2007, my 1st project consisted of photographing dogs and from that moment on, I've been hooked; I sincerely love capturing their personalities!

I started hosting the pet mini session giveaway competition 4 years ago on Facebook. It just seemed like a fun way to connect with new people but I quickly learned that it was for a bigger purpose. If you've been following me for awhile, you know that after the competition ends, I take a percentage of the proceeds and donate it. I've worked with local rescue groups as well as the Washington Humane Society, donating time and goods. After the recent catastrophe caused by Hurricane Maria, I now plan on donating to The Sato Project, which is an organization dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico (sato meaning mutt or stray.) Now, many of you may not know this, but this is personal for me. While I was born and raised here in Virginia, all of my relatives are from (and still live) in Puerto Rico. I have so many fond memories of going there, visiting family and just admiring the culture and beauty of the island. Unfortunately, the island does have a large stray population and although it has gotten better throughout the years, it's still a significant issue. Since Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, the animals that DID survive need our help more than ever! My heart has been broken since the category 4 hurricane hit the island, so it's time to do something and help. For every pet mini session booked, I will take $10 and donate it to The Sato Project. If you upgrade to a regular, full length session, I will donate $20! I want to donate as much money as possible by the end of this month, so I am willing to work overtime to get it done; I will double or triple book myself if I have to! But at the end of the day, it'll be a win-win situation...you'll get awesome photos of your pets (not to mention, at a discounted rate 😉) while also helping others in need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this post. Let's be the voice for the voiceless. Get the word out. Even if you aren't interested in booking a session, please consider donating! https://www.thesatoproject.org/

If you'd like to do more, I highly recommend visiting https://www.youcaring.com/peopleofpuertorico-957793. Through the Ellen DeGeneres show, I learned that Ricky Martin created a hurricane relief crowdfunding site for this humanitarian crisis. With the donations, he plans on helping the people of the island by providing food, water, medicine, etc, as well as supplies for animals! (Clip from show here -https://www.facebook.com/ellentv/videos/10155996913582240/) I know I don't have a million followers, but even with having a small social platform, I feel like it's my duty to help. We can not just sit back, feel bad and do nothing. Let's come together! ❤️

If you'd like to book a pet mini session, please email me at info@boschstudios.com for more details!

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