Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some Q&A that may help answer any of your questions prior to booking a photo session!

"Why BoschStudios Photography?" - With the amount of competition in this area, you might have a hard time narrowing down a photographer for whatever occasion you may need. I offer competitive but fair prices - always take 'quality over quantity' into consideration. I strive to provide a fun and stress free experience during your photo shoot and love being able to deliver images that you will cherish for a lifetime. I don't do any outsourcing, so if you like my editing style, you'll be sure to receive images with the same look. Click here to see how my clients have rated their experience with me!

"How do I book a photo session?" - There are 3 major details we need to lock down before booking a session - DATE, LOCATION & TIME. It's best if you have a date (and a backup date just in case) and a location in mind prior to contacting me. If you don't have any locations in mind, I'm happy to give suggestions. Since Northern Virginia & Washington DC offer so many different types of backgrounds, think about what you would like - city, town, open field, park, wooded area, by water, etc. Once I get an idea of what you'd like, I am happy to suggest some of my favorite spots!

"What is the best time to schedule a photo session?" - Timing plays a HUGE role in how your images turn out. As a natural light photographer, I tend to book most of my sessions in the evening to get 'golden hour' sunset lighting. If your schedule won't allow for that, we can meet earlier than recommended but we must pick a location that offers ample shade to avoid harsh shadows. Meeting while the sun is high up will create harsh, unflattering shadows and that will ultimately compromise my style and your images. If it ends up being overcast the day of our shoot, we'll have the flexibility to meet earlier in the day since the sunlight will be defused.

"How does the booking process work?" - Once we lock down the details (date, location and time) I will send you a personalized contract. Once it's emailed over, I require the contract to be signed and sent back along with a 50% nonrefundable retainer within 48 hours in order to book your spot. (Please note - mini sessions are required to be paid in full.) Once both are submitted, your session will be 100% secured.

"How do you accept payment?" - Payments may be made with cash, check, debit/credit via Venmo or online banking EFT (electronic fund transfer.)

"How will I receive the images?" - With every single package I offer, I send out digital galleries to all of my clients. With the digital gallery, you'll be able to view, share and download the images at no additional cost. Once you download the images onto your desktop or laptop, you'll be able to print and post your images online. *The best option for downloading your high-res image gallery is by using a desktop. Individual images may be downloaded from a mobile device.

"Do you travel?" - Yes! I am happy to travel to different locations in Virginia, DC and Maryland. I offer complimentary mileage to any locations within 30 miles of where I live (22192 zip code radius.) To any location outside of that 30 mile radius, I charge 50¢ per mile round trip. To any location outside of a 50 mile radius, I charge $1.00 per mile round trip. If you're interested in a destination photo session or wedding, email me and we'll figure out precise details!

"What happens if it rains the day of our shoot?" - In the case of inclement weather, we'd just reschedule for the next available date that works best for the both of us. (This is why it's important to have a back up date when scheduling.) You won't lose out on your session or retainer, so no need to worry. Once you have submitted a signed contract and payment, your retainer is good for 1 year.

"What should I wear?" - I am happy to give suggestions on what to wear on a case by case basis. I will help you find flattering outfits, colors and accessories for your photo shoot.

"Do you do any indoor sessions?" - Yes. I offer in-home lifestyle sessions, ideal for newborns, maternity sessions and families. In order to match my style and get the best possible shots, I highly recommend making sure that the rooms we'll be using have ample window light. It's also best to make sure these rooms are nicely organized.

"Do you offer props?" No. As a lifestyle photographer, I use my natural environment and focus on my subject (you!) I find beauty in simplicity. You are more than welcome to bring any props you'd like and we can include them in your shoot. Examples include a sonogram for a maternity session or a headband for a newborn session.

"I feel nervous in front of the camera. Can you help pose me?" - Of course! Honestly, you should know that sometimes it takes a few minutes or poses to get into the swing of things. With time and words of encouragement, you'll feel more confident and your personality will start shining through! Before your session, please let me know if you're self conscious about anything. That way I can cater to your needs and help guide you into poses you're more comfortable with. Artistically speaking, I have moved into a direction where I like to capture more natural shots, candid moments and true smiles. I encourage you to be yourself, let loose and have fun during your shoot!